Feng Shui Express Consultation

Home is not walls. This is the Living Universe, which is created by its residents and Nature. And like every child, the Universe needs an individual approach. Time and the earth’s magnetic lines, which we call the cardinal points, and they form the horoscope of the house.

Just like your child house needs a horoscope; which will help to reinforce its strengths and weaken the dangerous ones. And the only question is the promptness of the measures taken.

Experience shows that a house can influence the fate of its residents. And not only by energy-informational pollution left by the previous owners but also there are general trends that form similar life scenarios for residents of the same home or street entrance. That it is why before streets were named – Happy Street or would have a very odd name.

Science that has been researching the influence of stellar and terrestrial streams on a house and on a piece of land for 5000 years is called – Wind and Water – Feng Shui. This is the science of magnetic flows and forces that in the hands of professionals can help a person by fulfilling orders like a good Genie from a fairy tale.

Even simple measures like placing a fountain and a flowerpot with a fig tree in the right place – would bring an attractive job offer! Hang a picture with flowers in the place suggested by an expert and you will meet your soulmate whom you have been waiting for so long! Start sleeping in your best direction – illnesses will recede and you will start enjoying your life again. Everything is simple and possible. But in the hands of experts!

We can quickly answer your questions about feng shui of your house, its location, design and activation of feng shui sectors.

Do not wait. Time makes its own adjustments, gives and takes away opportunities. Luck is a timid bird that never waits.

We are interested to see more happy people in the world!

Choose one of the questions and write it in the contact form in Subject field:

  1. Is my home / office well located (analysis of location within the city, immediate surroundings, entrance to the house / apartment).
  2. Is the design (form) of my house / apartment layout successful (analysis of the shape and location of the main building).
  3. How to arrange furniture and fireplace in the living and dining room correctly for the best rest and relaxation.
  4. How to arrange furniture and workplace in the office correctly to improve business.
  5. How to organize a bedroom for good rest during sleep.
  6. How to organize a children’s room for full potential development of the child and effective learning.
  7. How to organize the kitchen space properly: location of the sink, stove, refrigerator, dining table.
  8. How to arrange sleeping, working and dining places properly for all family members.
  9. How to place mirrors correctly throughout the house / apartment.
  10. How to position the stairs in the house correctly.
  11. What colors should be used in the main area of the house / apartment / office.
  12. How to arrange and equip a workplace in the office to strengthen career growth and financial well-being.
  13. Where in my house / apartment / office I can activate the money area and with what items to be used.
  14. Where in my house / apartment I can activate the female sector to attract my soul mate and with what items to use.
  15. Where in my house / apartment I can activate the marriage sector to harmonize relationship with my partner and what items I should use.
  16. Where in my house / apartment I can activate the children sector if I am trying to have babies and which items should it be.
  17. Where in my house / apartment I can activate the men’s sector to improve my husband’s business or to improve my business and what items I should use.
  18. Where in my house / apartment / office I can activate the career sector and what items should be used.
  19. Where in my house / apartment / office I can activate the prosperity sector to get good opportunities and success in all matters and what objects should be used.
  20. Where in my house / apartment I can activate the spiritual development sector to get better in spiritual practices.
  21. How to arrange design objects in my house / apartment / office (paintings, photos, decorative figurines, symbols, etc.) correctly.
  22. How to arrange plants correctly in my house / apartment.
  23. How to position the pool / fountain and yard fireplace / barbecue on the site correctly.