Feng Shui

Home is a place where you want to relax and recover after a long day. By creating a harmonious space, you will avoid experiencing depression, health and financial problems. House is a complex  energy-informational structure that lives in its own rhythm depending on the date it was built and the primary direction of the facade. A Feng Shui Master will help you combine your rhythms with vibrations of your home.

It’s not a secret that modern cities are not the best and healthiest place to live. That is why more people look for help in ancient wisdom that has been tested for centuries. One of the traditional knowledges includes Feng Shui. It helps to create a favorable environment for a person starting with the help of this complex system, you can choose a place to live, work, do business, and then arrange it so that it feeds energy flows with maximum benefit for you. Therefore, feng shui is a tool that can influence human destiny.

The meaning of feng shui is to create a harmonious space for a person, whether it is home or office. To achieve this you need correct flow of Chi (or Ki) energy, the existence of which is currently recognized even by modern science. Nature’s living Qi energy can empower us, but it also can have a detrimental effect. The flow of energy flows can be redirected, strengthened or weakened with the help of feng shui techniques. Feng Shui does not create problems with design selection, but rather helps to bring useful accents to the interior design, which will correctly manage the energy in the room, attracting good luck and prosperity to the home or business.

If you live in a gorgeous home with good feng shui and surrounded by a lush blooming garden, where light and shadow are balanced, you will enjoy your life, harmonious relationships with loved ones, good health and positive emotions. Using the laws of feng shui in construction and design of the landscape gives amazing results. You are not just creating a wonderful cozy home, but a living, breathing “organism” with fresh energy. Returning home you will recover faster after a hard day, because the friendly energy at home will “heal” you and fill you with strength.

The same way a workspace in the office can be organized so well that it will maximize the success of the business, build a creative atmosphere, increase work efficiency, and minimize stress. In addition to long and hard work, things that at first glance are insignificant can have a big impact on success. For instance, in what direction the manager and each of the employees sit, the location of the front door, windows, and interior elements. In fact, all of this is very important because such small nuances determine the success and prosperity of a business.

Traditionally, to provide consultations of this kind, not only the general principles of feng shui are used, but also the information based on individual Tao horoscopes of people: a type of keys to success to any part of ​​your life.

What can Feng Shui project do for you?

Evaluate the place you have chosen, so that you are not exposed to the negative influence of external factors of space in the future
To suggest the best schemes for neutralizing harmful energies and activating favorable forces outside and inside the home
To get advice for home improvement, taking into consideration the individual signs of your date of birth.
To create a unique interior that is ideal for you and your family, and will help you to restore your energies.

Feng Shui Master and Astrologer Olga Gomon makes a map of your life and home, and the desired adjustments are made to the latter to improve problematic areas of your life. Based on this, she creates a project for the house, apartment, shop, office, where the layout and design of the site or space is planned out.

You can get help in developing the design and interior of your apartment, room, house, garden, office space, store, etc.