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December 8, 2020by admin0

In Eastern cultures the concept of karma is the sum of all the good and bad deeds that you have done in your past lives. Karmic baggage from past incarnations determines what we need to do in this life, what lessons to learn. So, for example, you were once a handsome and cruel man. You conquered women and abandoned them. And in this life, you are not lucky to be born as a woman and go through a lot of painful separations. Once you were a rich and dishonest person who took land from the poor, but in this life you don’t have a penny to your name. Karma? Sure! This is a system of lessons that you must learn. All these lessons can be read in the horoscope, learn about them before they ruin your life and correct your behavior.

With horoscopes, a simple rule applies: forewarned means forearmed!

So you can ask me are there any bad horoscopes? **

The concept of “bad horoscope” was invented by unscrupulous astrologers to scare people and make money on it. I started studying Astronomy and Astrology at the age of 12, today I am a Certified Taoist Astrologer and Vedic Astrologer dedicated to Brahmin. I have been practicing for over 25 years. Tens of thousands of horoscopes passed through me. There were no ideal ones: each person has his own nuances with which he/she comes into this world. If there were no such nuances, we would not have been born, but have already left the wheel of samsara. Each sign has strengths and weaknesses, there are lessons to be learned, and there are more stressful periods and times of prosperity.

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