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Sometimes it seems that stress does not care about your attempts to control emotions and energy expenditure. It is easy for enlightened aliens from other planets to write: they say, in order to find balance, look for support in yourself … But how can an ordinary person do this? Is there some kind of magic pill or exercise that “took” and immediately felt better? Qigong adepts are convinced there is! And today we will find out what this “pill” is.

Taoist philosophy sees the root of our problems, including psychological and mental, in the inability to accumulate, store and / or use energy. If everything is more or less clear with the collection of energy and its use, then what about storage? Proper storage of vitality is, first of all, their distribution along all energy channels, as well as the balance of Yin and Yang in the body.

Yang and his sister Yin

Even a person who is far from the world of esotericism has seen a monad at least once in his life – a circle in which two “fish”, black and white, are inscribed. A black fish has a white eye, and a white one black. The monad symbolizes one of the main principles of the existence of our world – duality. Yang is a white “fish”, followed by heat, lightness, radiation. Yin is its opposite, heavy, cold, absorbing. Their nature is different, therefore Yin and Yang do not mix, but, having filled to the limit, generate each other. Let’s remember the monad again: in the “widest” part of Yang, a black Yin point appears. Yang from this moment begins to decrease, and Yin increases. This is a kind of ideal, balance. Every being, action, subject contains both of these polarities, and therefore it is very important that Yin and Yang are in balance.

Balance is generally the cornerstone of Taoist practices. It is bad when there is little and bad when there is a lot, because in both cases an imbalance manifests itself. So the lack of energy is far from the only problem; its excess is no less harmful. There is a lot of yang energy in the modern world. Women are naturally Yin by nature, but with each generation the Yang principle is stronger and stronger in us. We girls set a high bar for ourselves and take this height. We raise our daughters strong, courageous, independent – and foo not to be like that. But the fact that we have to accumulate yang energy in ourselves, blocking yin, leads to an imbalance. And he, in turn, is dangerous, for example, problems with gynecology and other troubles. Therefore, learning to balance the yin and yang energies is a matter of survival for a modern person. This is helped by the meditation of the inner qigong “Microcosmic Orbit”.

About energetic highways

Large blood vessels are often compared to transport highways: through them in the body there is a “delivery” of blood, oxygen, nutrients. Our body lives thanks not only to physical channels, but also energy highways.

The Microcosmic Orbit is a “circuit” that connects the two largest energy channels. The posterior canal is the main yang “highway” in our body. It begins in the perineum, passes through the sacrum, rises along the spine to the neck, reaches the crown and descends along the face to the upper palate. The second canal, the anterior median, is the main Yin artery. It also begins in the perineum, rises up the midline of the body – through the genitals, stomach, heart. The canal enters the throat and ends at the tip of the tongue.

The tongue has a special role in this exercise – it becomes a switcher that connects two channels and triggers the work of the energy “circuit”. When you touch the tip of your tongue to the palate behind your upper teeth, the circuit is closed and energy can rise up the spine and return down the anterior canal.

The poles of your body. In our world, Yang (fire) is at the top. We receive yang energy from the sun, from space. And from earth, water – yin energy. In the human body, Yang fire is also at the top – in the head, and Yin water – in the lower part of the body, in the basin. As in physics, the interaction of cold and hot creates movement, circulation, and energy “goes” along your lines. But that is not all. During the execution of the Microcosmic Orbit, we lower the heat from the head and with its help we “warm” the water of sexual energy. We raise the resulting vapor to our heads, launching the alchemy of brain rejuvenation. Isn’t that great?

Useful benefits

The brain is the head of everything. The microcosmic orbit increases the energy potential of the brain. Our aging does not begin with gray hair or sagging skin – the command “grow old!” the body gives our brain, and we only notice the consequences. When you are good at storing energy in the lower center through exercises such as Skin Breathing or Tree, you can learn how to transform sexual energy from the lower dantian (center) into nourishing and rejuvenating the brain with the Microcosmic Orbit. “. A brain with a good energy resource monitors the proper functioning of all organs and the hormonal system, and is more resistant to stress. You easily assimilate information, you have excellent working capacity, excellent memory, and at the same time excellent health and appearance.

Healing of the healed is the work of the healed themselves. There are many energetically active points on the contour of the microcosmic orbit. When we lead energy along this “chain”, we work through active points and eliminate blocks located in the two main, main energy channels. In addition, the orbit passes through all the endocrine glands. She activates them, and they put the body in order. This is the main reason this exercise is the foundation of all Healing Tao practices.

Calm, only calm. By balancing yin and yang in ourselves, we work with emotions, learn to manage them. Microcosmic orbit helps to become more balanced and reduce the quality and quantity of emotional outbursts. This means you will waste less energy! Just 15-20 minutes of regular meditation a day – and yes, you still won’t have the equanimity of a Buddhist monk, but it will not be so easy for you to spoil your mood.

IMPORTANT! Meditation is a remedy for many diseases of the body and mind, but our emotional state greatly affects the quality of the practice. If you are upset, angry, annoyed, do not sit down to meditate! Take a walk, play sports, do breathing exercises, calm down, and only then sit on a cushion or chair for meditation.

From theory to practice

The Microcosmic Orbit exercise teaches you how to channel energy. At first it is not easy, and therefore it is necessary to raise the energy along the posterior channel upward while inhaling, and lower it along the front channel on exhalation. However, you shouldn’t focus on breathing. If we remember the main rule of qigong – where thought is, there is energy – then we will understand that concentration on breathing will dissipate energy.

It is very important to do the first Microcosmic Orbit meditation with an experienced teacher. Many who have tried to learn this practice on their own, even after years, complain that they cannot feel the circulation of energy. Virtual presence is enough for a good teacher: it helps you to start the circulation of energy correctly and thus quickly get those reference sensations that you need to strive for during independent meditations. Please, after reading the article, be sure to follow the link with the video and try to meditate with Olga Gomon! Of course, you can try it yourself, but the quality of your practice will be lower than with the video instruction.

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