How to order horoscope calculated by Master Olga Gomon?

To calculate horoscope, the exact time and place of your birth are important. Based on that Master draws up a natal chart. Natal chart analysis helps:*

– *to create a complete psychological portrait (the ability to look at yourself from different perspective, to see more clearly the character traits that provoke conflicts and obstacles);*

– to *understand the causes of illnesses and failures;*

– to *see your purpose and understand in which field you can be most  effectively;*

– *calculate the line of fate, or rather periods of success and life lessons, meetings with karmic people and the gate of change;*

– *to understand what or whom to avoid and when exactly, as well as transform destructive energies into positive ones and avoid failures. Correct the line of fate.*

– *calculate compatibility with any person even with an incomplete or complete chart of his/her horoscope*

– *calculate interrelations with people around you and see the past; or further development of events in any aspect of life.