About Meditation with Master

Meditation on Sanskrit means “reflection, contemplation.” This is a state of detachment from bustling. Although meditation at some stage is a definite action of the mind, its goal is an in-depth, focused on the inner psyche state.

Meditation is an effective way to relieve stress, which is a companion of any modern person today. Stress destroys both – body and spirit. Stress worsens the state of the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, the immune system, making us more vulnerable. Stress is the cause of exacerbation of many phobias, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, sleep disorders, problems with weight and digestion, and loss of interest in life. If not all, then many diseases, both physical and psychological, are associated with stress or inability to relax. Meditation is a state of relaxation and concentration.

Meditation helps you learn to control your emotions and thoughts. This is important because toxic emotions can destroy the personality. Meditation makes thoughts obedient, purifies and fosters the inner qi. If you are in control of your thought, you are in control of your destiny.

Finally, meditation is the path to health and youth. Numerous studies show that brain of people who meditate, retains its functions longer, improves learning ability, and reduces anxiety and stress. By learning meditation and making it your daily activity, you are making a huge contribution to yourself and your health!


Olga Gomon is a  Master of Taoist practices and health-improving meditative systems (Masters Mantek Chia and Xu Mingtang). Shaolin Monastery Certified Martial Arts Master (Masters Yu Guoqiang and Liu Guoan Lai). Master Olga Gomon practices and teaches meditation and other techniques, obtained through numerous and long travels and training with the best masters of our time.

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