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December 15, 2020by admin0

Let us tell you how to do the Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor or in the lotus position. Straighten your back and even out the arch in the lower back and neck as much as possible, slightly lowering your chin to your chest, as if pulling it into the neck. The crown should continue the line of the spine and strive upward, the shoulders are relaxed, the tip of the tongue is pressed against the palate behind the teeth. Close your eyes and take a couple of breaths and breaths to calm your thoughts and emotions.

Imagine a red, fireball behind your navel. This is your life energy. The ball is larger and smaller. Think only of it, and after a couple of minutes you will feel a slight heat and a swelling in the navel area. This is a very important stage: to “drive” the energy better warmed up in the lower Dantian in the Microcosmic orbit. After that “paint” the ball with white, mentally withdraw the energy from the navel and lower it into the perineum. It is very important: when you visualize energy, it must be in your body, not outside of it. As you inhale, push the energy up the spine, through the tailbone. Feel her warmth. Lead the energy to the junction of the ribs with the spine, watch as it continues its way straight to the base of the skull, then to the crown. Feel how the energy moves to a point between the eyebrows, then down the palate and a cool waterfall down the tongue down the throat, into the heart, solar plexus, to the navel and again into the perineum along the anterior canal. You can help the flow of energy by raising and lowering your eyes under your eyelids. Repeat the orbit as many times as you like. After that, put your palms on the navel and mentally collect all the energy, vibrations into a red ball behind the navel. Make it tight, pack it to the size of a golden pearl and leave it in the lower energy center.

It is important to feel that warm, impetuous energy rises along the back channel, and fluid, cool energy descends along the front channel. If your sensations differ from this, then there is still a slight imbalance in your body. If you have a lot of Yang energy, it may be difficult for you to lower the energy along the front channel, and if you have Yin, at first you will need efforts to lift it up the spine. Few of us can boast of a good connection with the body; it is during the execution of the “Microcosmic Orbit” that we can be surprised to find points and centers through which the energy stubbornly does not want to pass. They might even get sick! These are energy blocks, and although you may not feel them until a certain moment, they reduce the vitality of some organs and systems. Through the energy exercise you learned about today, you can remove these blocks without waiting for bad consequences.

The article was written based on conversations with Olga Gomon, a master of Taoist practices and wellness meditation programs.

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