Feeling stuck or cannot make a decision? Get your personal horoscope reading.

The first breath that a person takes activates a unique imprint of the starry sky in the brain. This imprint cannot be erased until the last exhalation.

Personal horoscope reading will tell you:

• love compatibility with your partner
• work compatibility with business partners
• business partnership compatibility
• best dates to start projects, get married etc
• when to have children
• how you react to events in the outside world
• how you behave in a particular situation
• what pattern of thought you are used to
• what is harmful and useful for you
• your talents
• occupation that will bring you the most money
• beneficial hobbies for you
• and other areas of your life


Includes personal chart and 50 min online consultation via Zoom.

The Taoist horoscope BaZi will help to solve all social issues and fix all areas of life - balance personal life, attract success in business, career, health issues, protect yourself from life conflicts with the help of talismans. Your personal horoscope is done once and good for the entire lifetime. The number of questions about your fate and horoscope that you can ask Master Olga Gomon during consultation is unlimited.


Includes personal chart and 50 min online consultation via Zoom.

If you decide to go along the spiritual path, the Vedic horoscope Jyotish will help to answer questions such as the destiny of a person, caste, and determine the true name.