NewsWhat is the difference between Chinese and Vedic horoscopes?

January 22, 2021by admin0

What is the difference between Ba Zi and Jyotish? When should you do one, and when – another horoscope? 

Ba Zi is a social horoscope. According to it, we can determine your purpose, even out the imbalance of primary elements in order to improve health, understand in which direction it is better to be working in order to earn more, with whom it is better to live, when to have children, and so on. Ba Zi is enough to make life more comfortable. As a “medicine” for the horoscope, we use amulets, stones, feng shui, a set of health-improving exercises for 24 seasons, and a nutritional system.

But sometimes this horoscope is not enough. When? Firstly, as we say here, you love to delve into yourself. Analyze your negative and positive qualities, figure out your fate, find out who you were in a past life, find out which caste you belong to.

Secondly, you are very thoughtful about your health issues. For example, we have many people who love Ayurvedic clinics and medicines. But it is dangerous to “prescribe” them for yourself: by birth, each person receives a body of a certain dosha, and in accordance with this he must eat, lead the right way of life, do the right procedures, and so on. Jyotish precisely sets the dosha, and you can choose Ayurvedic treatments and preparations that will be useful for you. Also, this knowledge will help you to adjust your lifestyle, find the causes of sicknesses. For example, if you have dosha kapha, then you need to lead a calm and peaceful lifestyle, in no case you should be very tired and you should avoid dairy products. And instead, you go on business trips and drink yoghurts from the store all your life . There is a conflict of doshas and you get sick. This reason cannot be seen with other astrological systems.

Third. The Vedic horoscope allows you to see the karmic knots and untie them in this life. With jyotish we calculate the time of influence of the planets very accurately and understand how they can affect. You can find out with an accuracy of the exact day when you are in danger. With this knowledge, you can change your behavior and use “medicines” for Jyotish – mantras, puja, yagya, certain precious stones.

To summarize, jyotish is more jewelry work. Taoist system Ba Zi is very good, it helps to see the big picture, but it does not provide such an accuracy.

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