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First of all, astrology is closely related to astronomy. Astronomy tells about the movement and interaction of celestial bodies. Astrology is the science of how the location and movement of heavenly bodies affects us. Can these sciences be separated? Of course not. And in the ancient world, where astrological systems formed, astronomy and astrology were a single body of scientific knowledge. Today, it is part of science that has been crossed out, helps to decode the influence of heavenly bodies on us; and take control of our lives has been crossed out.

A person cannot be isolated: he is a part of the Universe. Person is influenced by the same forces as animals, plants, stones. Each of us is born on a specific day and hour. Someone’s mother gives a birth on seventh month of pregnancy, and another’s can be “overdue” for several weeks.

At the time of birth all The unique imprint of the star sky, which was activated in you at the time of birth, cannot be erased, and until the last breath it will determine how you will react to events in the outside world, how you will behave in a given circumstances, what train of thought you are accustomed to, what would be harmful and what useful for you, what kind of people you will be surrounded by, what abilities you will have, the best way to make a living, and what to you should do as your hobby.

Everything in the world is energy in various forms of its manifestation. It does not only exist here on Earth, but also comes from space. A person’s horoscope can be compared to a lens: it shows how this energy will be “refracted(bent)” as it passes through us and how it will affect us. These “settings” that astrology helps to decode.

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